mercredi 1 mars 2017

The French music market boosted by the growth of streaming

The music industry is the first to move from an economy of property to an economy of access. The intellectual property rights of music have not disappeared. They are still exploited. What disappears is the consumer's attachment to the property of a physical medium.

Music downloads, which attempted to transpose this notion of ownership of a container that guarantees access to its content in the digital environment, is dying slowly. With a further 22% drop in revenues last year in France, according to figures released by the SNEP, it's weighted less than 20% of digital trade sales in value, against nearly 80% for streaming, which increased by 37% in value over the period.

The resistance of the physical market in France (still 59% of sales in 2016, and a decrease of only 2.5% in value) shows that the consumption's switchover to streaming is still measured. This resistance is less strong than in Japan or in Germany, but far from being true in the United States or worldwilde. Overall, the broader the base of the age pyramid, the higher the wave of streaming.

According to the GFK-SNEP Usage Barometer of January 2017, 60% of French streamers are under 40 years old, and 42% are under 30 years old. Those aged more than 50 years represent only one out of four streamers, whereas they account for 40% of the population, compared with 22% for 15-29 year olds, who represent one out of every three streamers.

The SNEP says there were 13 million monthly users of audio streaming services in 2016 in France (+ 40% in two years), with 3.9 million subscribers (a figure multiplied by two in two years), and a total of 28 billion of streams over the year (+ 55% compared to 2015). Subscription (+ 42% in value over one year) has pulled the market up last year. Its revenues increased from € 35 million to € 117 million euros in three years, and weighed 82% of the wholesale market for streaming in 2016, compared with 64% in 2013.

Two findings can be deduced from the figures published by the SNEP:

- For labels and record labels, the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) of subscription in 2016 was € 30 in France. It was € 24.6 in 2013, € 23.8 in 2014, and € 27.4 in 2015. It grew by 9.5% last year.

- The average income per stream, free and paid streaming combined, tends to slowly regress. It was € 0.005 in 2016, € 0.006 € in 2013 and 2014, and € 0.0057 in 2015.

The SNEP does not publish sufficiently detailed figures to determine the ARPU of free streaming funded by advertising. Last year, the global market for recorded music rose for the first time in 15 years in France, by 5.4% in value, to weigh nearly € 450 million. Essentially through audio streaming. Video streaming only yielded € 11.9 million, or just 8% of streaming revenues, and 2.6% of total revenues for recorded music.

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